Same Day Implant and Teeth
Same day teeth on implants from six months to six hours. Why wait six months to Smile? Why wait six months to eat? In six hours you can have your teeth on straumann implants. For more information call our offices


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At RAHMAN AND RAHMAN we aim to provide our patients with effective treatment solutions. Our treatment policies reflect our training from World-renowned dental institutions including Harvard University, University of North Carolina University at Chapel Hill, University of Michigan Ann Arbor.  All our treatment facilities are state of the art. Each patients treatment include a consultation and a customized treatment plan to suit patient needs. We look forward to introducing you to a different kind of dental experience!


With Immediate loading of dental implants it is possible to replace missing teeth immediately i.e. "SAME DAY TEETH". This technique is well documented in the scientific dental literature with hundreds of publications in dental implant journals. Furthermore by using angled implants placed in available bone it is possible in almost all cases to avoid complicated and uncomfortable-painful bone grafting procedures.

In 1999 Dr.Amin-ur-Rahman at that time a Professor in the department of Periodontology and Professor Lyndon Cooper currently the Chairman Department of Prosthodontics and other colleagues at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pioneered the concept of Immediate Loading. The research was done in which a dental implant was placed and immediately a tooth was placed on it instead of waiting for the six week healing period. Patients were instructed not to bite on the tooth for some time. The results were extremely promising with hardly any implants failing.

The result of this research was published in the prestigious international journal,The Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants in the United States. (References for those who would like to read them are as follows:

1.Prospective Evaluation of Immediately loaded Straumann Implants with Overdenture Prostheses. Cooper, LA, Rahman A et al 1999. IJOMI 14.

2. Cooper LA, Rahman A. et al. An open, prospective, study to evaluate replacement of Single Tooth loss by rapidly loaded Straumann and Astra Tech dental Implants. 2001. IJOMI).

Since these landmark publication dentists worldwide started placing implants and loading them immediately.

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