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Same day teeth on implants from six months to six hours. Why wait six months to Smile? Why wait six months to eat? In six hours you can have your teeth on straumann implants. For more information call our offices


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Rahman and Rahman has shifted new bigger and better purpose build location for all services. Our new address is 289 A New Muslim Town, Lahore


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Special Discount on Dental Implants
10 percent Special Discount on Dental Implants till 31st July 2018


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25 Percent Special Discount on Teeth Whitening till 31st July 2018



  • Dr Imran Saleem Qureshi                     Dr Uzma Ijaz
    BDS  , C.Orthodontics                                         BDS, FCPS (res)

    Dr Awais Durrani                             Dr. Amna Rasheed
    BDS, FCPSR(Orthodontics)                                  BDS

    Dr Ammar Pasha Siddiqui                        
    BDS, FCPSR                                 


    Orthodontic treatment is an excellent way to straighten crooked teeth. It has a dual action; restoration of function and improvement of aesthetics resulting in a healthy smile. Despite a growing trend towards adult orthodontics, it pays to start orthodontic treatment early so that the specific condition can be dealt with more efficiently and produce excellent results.


    An orthodontic evaluation is carried out by the following:

     1   Clinical examination
     2   Intraoral and extraoral photographs plus study models
     3   Panoramic and cephalometric radiographs
     4   Impressions for the models of teeth and bite( i.e occlusion)

    The results of the complete evaluation will be studied thoroughly by the dentist and an individual treatment plan is formulated to provide the best aesthetics and function.

    During the next visit, the dentist will discuss the treatment plan with you or the parent/guardian in case of a child. The estimate of how many months will be required to complete the active phase will be discussed. The standard treatment phase comprises of two years. Following treatment, you may be required to wear a retainer for a period of time.

    The duration of orthodontic treatment varies: it varies with a variety of factors such as age, severity of malocclusion and compliance which means that how well the patient follows the treatment plan For example younger persons respond more quickly to orthodontic treatment because bones supporting young teeth are more pliable as compared to those supporting older teeth. However, adults follow treatment instructions more consistently than pre-teens.

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