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Dental veneer in Lahore | R&R is to improve the appearance and health of teeth. They typically cover the front of the teeth and are made of a porcelain/resin composite.

How do veneers work?

Your teeth’s front surfaces can be covered with veneers. High-quality dental materials, such as porcelain or composite in tooth color, are used by technicians to make them.

Dental veneers are just aesthetic. They can hide a variety of cosmetic flaws, including stains on the teeth, chips, cracks, and gaps.

Damaged, chipped, or uneven teeth can be perfectly fixed with dental veneers. Dentists can provide their patients bright, smooth, and healthy-looking smiles by coating the teeth with ceramic porcelain that resembles glass.

A skilled, accurate, and artistic cosmetic dentist is needed to install porcelain veneers. Usually, veneers can be placed on your smile in just two to three appointment visits.

On the initial session, the dentist will first craft your new smile to your specifications by selecting the veneers’ size, shape, and style based on your smile, face shape, and aesthetic preferences. The dentist must properly clean the teeth first, then scrape away a small piece of enamel to suit the veneer.

What are Emax Veneers?

These ceramic veneers have no pores in their structure and are constructed of pressed lithium silicate ceramics. To avoid surfaces with pores, they are roasted in the oven under pressure. Because of this property, onlays can be fitted over fillings on teeth, can resist heavy chewing, and do not restrict diet or lifestyle.


Dentists prefer these veneers to others for a number of reasons:

Natural and Optimal Outcome: You will be able to achieve a natural outcome by using a special method for deciding on and picking the colour. It is even possible to customize the on lay’s degree of transparency, which makes it more resemblant of natural enamel. The distinction between natural teeth and repaired teeth can only be made by a dentist.
Maximum Strength: There is very little chance of chipping or breaking for the full service life.

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